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Ramble On is a place where emerging musicians touring to Seattle can rest, recharge, and regroup while on the road in order to maintain their level of performance, mental health, and security.


Ramble On offers free lodging for touring musicians to recharge, reflect, and return to play Seattle stages in the future. Because emerging/mid-level touring bands have little to spend on accommodations, they resort to crashing on stranger’s floors or sleeping in shifts while driving overnight. By offering free, comfortable lodging for bands on the road, Seattle can maintain its eclectic music scene, promote cultural tourism, and entertain local music lovers alike.

Raison d'être

Since joining a band in 2016, Ramble On founder Paige Petrangelo became aware of her gender in ways she hadn’t been before. The night a Canadian band on the bill asked if they could crash, she did a double-take; unfamiliar men in her home was a safety risk. Simultaneously, she felt guilty for turning her back on her music community in an act of self-preservation. By offering private accommodations through Ramble On, situations like these can be avoided altogether, maintaining everyone’s comfort and safety.


What We're Doing

We live in a world where artists of all kinds are taken for granted. Consumers of performance arts such as live music often fail to consider the physical and mental health of musicians while they travel around the globe delivering their work. With the United States music industry garnering upwards of $2 billion each year, Ramble On is championing alternatives to sustainably support the people behind the product. By offering free lodging options that the community actively invests in, we believe we can encourage more bands to book tours through our historic city.

Why We Need You



Your underutilized space + bands who need a place to crash = you doing good for your community.

Until we have a place of our own to call home in Seattle, Ramble On is leaning on the generosity of King County donors to offer their Airbnbs, VRBOs, and spare rooms to traveling bands. We vet the bands and houses, take care of the cleaning, and handle the rest. By offering a night away from the chaos of life on the road, we can collectively help sustain the health, safety, and success of young musicians from around the world.


Paige Petrangelo

Our Founder

Ramble On is for musicians like me; womxn, people of color, and LGBTQ folks. Because the music industry has been dominated by straight white men for decades, I know what it's like out there; biases, sexism, and stereotypes run rampant. Ramble On is a physical display of support from the Seattle community to encourage those of us who've felt excluded or unworthy in the music scene to pursue our careers in music despite systematic oppression.


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